Heading towards a circular
economy for the solar PV industry

70% plus eco-efficiency gains in the PV End-of-Life supply chain​ by closed loop systems with enhanced recycling rates,​ systematic collection and management utilising digital twins.



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About us

The EU Horizon project QUASAR aims to enable a circular economy for the solar PV industry.

19 project partners from 9 countries will collect, treat, and upgrade solar panels that have reached their end of life, densify their value, and release them to serve as new products for solar energy and other purposes.

This project has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement
NO 101122298 “QUASAR”

EOL-PV-module recycling is of complex nature

Input streams of EOL-PV-modules are currently relatively low

The PV supply chain needs to be further diversified

Recycling revenues depend largely on the ability to recover homogeneous and high-purity fractions of scarce, energy-intensive and/or high value-materials


Upscale and demonstrate two emerging recycling technologies


Set up a systematic collection and management methodology and decision tools for EOL-PV-modules


Accelerate EOL decision-making by delivering a digital product passport


Profitable recycling that enables circular use & resource efficiency of valuable raw materials.

More about the project

Our Ambition:

QUASAR’s ambition is to offer Europe the unique opportunity to move towards competitive PV production and a fully circular economy, by tackling all the underlying challenges in a holistic way.

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