Advancing Sustainability: First Analysis of Recycled EOL-PV Modules Begins


The QUASAR Project is thrilled to announce a milestone in our mission to advance recycling in the PV industry. We have received the first samples from initial trials of recycling end-of-life PV modules from our partner, LUXCHEMTECH. These samples are currently undergoing detailed analysis at SINTEFIndustry to assess their purity, composition, and recycling rate (RR).

Our project is dedicated to achieving ambitious recycling targets: over 90% for silicon and polymers, over 80% for glass, and over 70% for silver. By ensuring these materials are of high purity, we aim to reintegrate them into the PV value chain and other high-end applications, promoting a circular economy and reducing waste.

This initial analysis is a critical step towards validating our recycling process and moving closer to our sustainability goals. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to pioneer innovative recycling solutions for the PV industry.

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