First Steps Towards Sustainable Solar Panel Recycling: Quasar Project’s South African Site Visit


Transforming Waste into Resources: Last week, our project partner Scatec captured some moments during their site visit at one of their plants in South Africa. They’re set to deliver End-of-Life (EOL) PV modules, which will then journey to Germany and France to test out their novel recycling solutions.

Scatec visiting their plant in South Africa

The goal of the visit was to gather lessons learned for our Work Package 2 – a comprehensive best practice guide in utility scale PV repowering. In the images shared, you can witness handheld thermal scanning in action and a small sample of replaced broken modules from the site.

Central to Work Package 2, our focus is on developing comprehensive guidelines for assessing the state-of-health of in-field PV modules and managing the end-of-life stages, including decommissioning, or repowering of solar plants. This involves quantifying EOL material flows and evaluating management strategies for PV modules. The practical guide aims at assisting solar power plant operators in making environmentally and economically sound decisions regarding defective solar modules during operations and at EOL.

Join us as we pave the way for environmentally and economically sound decisions in solar panel recycling and repowering.

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