Meet us at Intersolar 2024 in Munich: Explore the Future of PV Waste Management


As Europe’s solar industry prepares for the challenges ahead, the issue of photovoltaic (PV) waste management emerges as a critical concern. With forecasts predicting a significant increase in PV module waste, reaching millions of metric tonnes by 2030, the need for effective recycling solutions becomes evident.

Responding to this imperative, the European Union has implemented measures to promote circularity within the solar sector. Since 2012, the updated Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive mandates that manufacturers cover the costs of collecting and recycling end-of-life PV panels. Additionally, forthcoming Ecodesign requirements will further drive sustainability by enhancing repairability and spare part availability.

However, while current recycling methods boast high technical rates for common materials like aluminum and glass, valuable elements such as silver and zinc remain challenging to recover. Addressing this requires innovative recycling technologies and streamlined processes.

The QUASAR project endeavors to tackle these challenges head-on by uniting partners committed to advancing PV recycling. Through collaborative efforts and cutting-edge techniques, QUASAR aims to overcome the complexities of recycling diverse PV module materials.
Join us at Intersolar 2024 to meet the QUASAR project partners:

  • Institut Photovoltaique D’ile De France (IPVF) – A4.140
  • LuxChemtech – C5.270G
  • Re Energy / 2nd Life Solar – A4.212
  • Rosi – A4.140
  • Scatec / Norwegian Pavilion – Hall A4
  • Solenergiklyngen / Norwegian Pavilion – Hall A4

Together, let’s work towards a more sustainable solar industry!

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